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Venatus is an award-winning global ad-tech platform, connecting advertisers to the exclusive gaming and entertainment audiences of our world-renowned Publishers who work with us to monetize intelligently.

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Trusted by global brands

We partner with world-leading gaming and entertainment Publishers to monetize and optimize their content, while helping advertisers connect with global audiences through our outstanding, custom creative executions.



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Monetization for Publishers

Venatus is the best advertising partner for gaming and entertainment Publishers. We partner closely with our Publishers to drive greater revenue through higher quality ads, intelligent tech solutions and innovative optimizations. We're in-game advertising specialists and ad monetization experts.

Monetisation for publishers

Pokekalos is dedicated to all things Pokémon, giving gamers access to the latest information regarding Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Go and much more. Since switching their ad-serving from Google AdSense alone to Venatus, Pokekalos has seen a significant uplift in CPMs and site revenue.

Monetisation for publishers

M.O.B.A. Network is a longstanding partner of Venatus, growing symbiotically alongside us over the past 5 years.

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core exclusive Publishers globally



Monetisation for publishers

A highly-engaging and creative campaign promoting Warner Bros. latest kids movie release, DC League of SuperPets. By utilizing a custom minigame placed within popular mobile games, Krypto the Super-Dog entertained young gamers across New Zealand.

Monetisation for publishers

As part of their ‘Made of Different Stuff’ campaign, global drinks brand Rubicon enlisted Venatus through media agency The 7 Stars, to drive awareness of their exotic soft drinks amongst gaming and entertainment fans. 

Advertising solutions

With Venatus, Advertisers can engage their audience however they decide to watch, read or play. With exciting in-game advertising in games like Roblox, custom video executions on consoles and in-app advertising in mobile games like Angry Birds, your campaigns will drive measurable impact for your brand.

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Award-winning advertising

Venatus is globally recognized for award-winning in-game advertising campaigns and publisher solutions. Here's some of our most recent accolades!

Most Effective Native Advertising Campaign - Radox, Rovio, Venatus and Mindshare
Most Innovative Campaign - Sky, Mediacom and Venatus – Sky: Four Kids and It
Most Effective Advertising Campaign - ‘Every Mind Matters’ with Public Health England, OmniGov @ MG OMD and Venatus
Campaign's 50 Best Places to Work 2018
Digiday Best Native Advertising Campaign 2018
Best Mobile, Gaming and Esports Sponsorship - Coco Pops: Start the Magic
Most Effective Mobile Campaign 2022 - 'Lidl, OMD and Venatus – Lidl Christmas Minigame
Most Effective Native Advertising Campaign - Radox | Venatus | Rovio | Mindshare

Our mission is to be the number one advertising solution in gaming

A few FAQs

Have questions? We've got answers. But, if you can't find what you are looking for, feel free to get in touch.

What does Venatus offer Publishers?

Venatus is the best global monetization platform for Publishers, with a dedicated Pub Ops team, technical support, SEO auditing and advice alongside our dedicated Publisher reporting platform. Venatus tech helps Publishers take better control of their ad inventory and simply monitor their ad performance. Additionally to selling programmatically, our in-house, global direct ad sales team, promote and sell your audience to all major advertising agencies, trade desks and directly to brands themselves.

What does Venatus offer Advertisers?

Venatus is the best advertising partner to engage gamers, offering unique creative advertising solutions in-game, around the game, next to the game and even sponsorship opportunities with some of the biggest names in the gaming industry like Gfinity.

What is header-bidding?

Header-bidding is a programmatic solution which allows Publishers to maximise their revenues, simultaneously offering their ad inventory to multiple ad exchanges before making calls to the ad servers. This allows multiple Advertisers from various demand sources to bid on the same inventory, meaning more consistent fill rates and maximised revenues for the publisher. For the Advertiser, it means a greater chance of fully delivering their ad impressions to a potentially more targeted audience.

Is gaming the right advertising audience for my brand?

Yep! Venatus have produced award winning campaigns with brands from a wide variety of industries like FMCG, Kids brands, Technology, Film, TV, Music and more. See some of our Case Studies here.

Are my target audience gamers?

The quick answer is yes! With almost 3 billion gamers worldwide, the demographic of gamers is widely representative, ranging from Gen X Mothers to Gen Alpha Kids to Millennial shoppers and beyond!

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