Kelloggs Coco Pops: Start the Magic

To drive awareness of Coco Pops’ cereal & ‘Start the Magic’ campaign, Kellogg’s enlisted Venatus via media agency partners, Carat & The Story Lab to launch a custom branded campaign that would bring the magic of Coco Pops to life.


Kelloggs Coco Pops: Start the Magic

The Coco Pops ‘Start the Magic’ campaign has reignited the imaginations of kids and brought fun and excitement to their daily lives while providing exceptional results for the brand and its perceived ‘fun.’ Coco Pops were in need of a partner such as Venatus, offering large digital reach through exclusive access to kids gaming and entertainment communities alongside an in-house creative studio to produce exciting, dynamic advertising formats that make an impact and ultimately, can ‘Start the Magic’ for kids, having extremely fun experiences within a Coco Pops environment.

Target Audience

Inventory / Network

With Coco Pops positioned as a kids’ cereal brand, Kellogg’s aimed to generate excitement and interaction with children aged 7-11 for their campaign in a GDPR-k / COPPA compliant & responsible way. 



In-app minigames were identified as a crucial method of reaching the Gen Alpha target audience, whilst also delivering upon the KPIs of driving engagement and interaction with kids. Supplementary cross-device video was also utilised to extend reach and awareness outside of Venatus’ in-app inventory. 

Kelloggs Coco Pops: Start the Magic


Ad Formats

Venatus built two custom minigames (MRAIDs) served during natural pauses in gameplay, one which saw users collecting falling Coco Pops in a cereal bowl, and the other allowing users to tilt their phone to move Coco the Monkey on screen, jumping onto ‘un-popping’ bubbles & collecting Coco Pops cereal boxes for points. After completing the game, users could then watch the Coco Pops video advert, inviting them to ‘Start the Magic’ by making their own ‘un-popping’ bubbles at home. A skinned version of the video creative was also served cross-device, encouraging users to click and learn more on the Coco Pops website. 

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The multi-market campaign was served in the UK, Italy & Ireland, with the MRAID running across a selection of Venatus in-app inventory most popular with the 7-11 demographic, including Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies, The Sims and Sonic Dash, whilst cross-device was served across online gaming sites such as Armor Games, Arcade Hippo and Mouse Breaker. 


Winners: Best Esports, Gaming & Mobile Sponsorship (UK Sponsorship Awards 2022)

The MRAID placement exceeded benchmarks, achieving a click-through rate (CTR) of 2.0% and a view-through rate (VTR) of 26.34%, whilst the cross-device video reached a CTR of 1.85% and a VTR of 88.74%; overall proving the interactive campaign was highly engaging with the target audience thereby achieving Kellogg’s initial objectives. 


Engagement Rate (MRAID)


VTR (Video)


Uplift in positive brand sentiment

“This Venatus sponsorship has allowed Coco Pops to engage with kids of today in the digital space, a first for this brand that traditionally only advertised through kids TV. This partnership unlocked new exciting ways of engaging with Coco including the Magical Mini Game that has overperformed on all metrics including impressions, clicks & engagements! We are delighted with the results & has helped cement our position as #1 for equity with kids in UK Kids RTEC category”

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