Rubicon: Made of Different Stuff

As part of their ‘Made of Different Stuff’ campaign, global drinks brand Rubicon enlisted Venatus through media agency The 7 Stars, to drive awareness of their exotic soft drinks amongst gaming and entertainment fans. 


Rubicon: Made of Different Stuff

To raise awareness of their exotic soft drinks range, Rubicon sought to engage with UK based gaming and entertainment fans in an eye-catching and engaging way. Armed with both a 15s and 30s video creative, Rubicon were open to repurposing this in a new and creative way.

Target Audience

Inventory / Network

Rubicon looked to engage with male and female gaming and entertainment fans, aged between 18-34 for their campaign.

Males Females


In order to target gaming and entertainment audiences contextually, Venatus built a sitelist with our top sites aligning with these audiences, including, and

Rubicon: Made of Different Stuff


Ad Formats

With 15 and 30s video assets provided for our in house-creative team, they repurposed these into a Premium Expandable Takeover (PET), by combining static images with the original video creative to form an interactive rich media placement, expanding when users hovered their mouse over the ad.

Rubicon - Made of Different Stuff Premium Expandable Takeover
Rubicon - Made of Different Stuff Premium Expandable Takeover Expanded
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The campaign ran for 12 days starting in late June and was served across a selection of Venatus’ top Core Gaming and Entertainment sites, determined to be most popular with the 18-34 demographic. 


Refreshingly Impressive Performance

The eye-catching Rubicon Premium Expandable Takeover smashed benchmarks with aclick-through rate of 4.34% and a view-through-rate of 72.5%.





"It was a seamless experience working with Venatus from start to finish. From creative to ad-ops, they helped us deliver a brilliant rich media display campaign that performed well over the industries benchmark. Our clients were thrilled with the results, and we will be looking to build on the success of the campaign and work with them again across future activations."

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