rich media ads for publishers

Ad Formats

Optimize your site to offer the best inventory possible. Offering quality ad placements makes your site increasingly attractive to advertisers looking for the best campaign viewability.

Optimizations to
improve your RPMs

Our in-house teams will work with you to organize content and optimize your site to allow for premium ad inventory space. Rich media formats offer advertisers maximum viewability at a premium rate.

Direct sales give
you more control

Direct Sales refers to ad inventory sold directly to the advertiser or agency, outside of a programmatic process. These deals can guarantee impressions for a set time and at a fixed price, giving publishers more control over how their inventory is sold.

Benefits of Direct Sales

Rewarding ad formats

10x RPM compared to RTB

Venatus publishers regularly see much higher RPMs from Direct Sales campaigns. These campaigns allow more control over price of premium inventory, earning incremental revenue on-top of programmatic demand.

Global advertiser brands

Your users deserve to see campaigns from the best brands in the world. Venatus repeatedly works with the biggest names in the world such as LEGO, PlayStation, McDonald’s and more.

Creative designed for impact

Our in-house creative teams work to ensure rich-media placements are designed to suit your specific platform. Great creative is key to high-performing campaigns and maximum revenue yields for publishers.

Knowledge of the game

Over a decade of helping publishers monetize with direct sales, means our team has incredible relationships within the industry. We understand gaming audiences better than anyone, booking over 900 direct campaigns a year.

high-impact takeovers for publishers

Unique, premium demand 

These premium formats are only available through Direct Sales teams as they are custom built for each advertiser, ensuring greater campaign performance. That’s why Venatus blows programmatic-only ad partners out the water!

Rich media ads FOR PUBLISHERS

One tag is all it takes

Our tech allows publishers to integrate premium formats with one line of code. This allows our expert AdOps team to optimize multiple sites quickly and accurately. Ultimately, quicker optimizations, means more revenue for publishers.