Pokekalos is dedicated to all things Pokémon, giving gamers access to the latest information regarding Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Go and much more. Since switching their ad-serving from Google AdSense alone to Venatus, Pokekalos has seen a significant uplift in CPMs and site revenue.


Pokekalos features a variety of guides, news articles and reviews relating to the popular J-RPG Pokémon, accommodating a 200k+ strong community of French speaking Pokémon fans across the world. By switching their ad-serving from Google AdSense alone to Venatus optimization, Pokekalos has been able to take advantage of higher CPM ad-formats and direct-deal campaigns via our French and global sales offices. Overall leading to a dramatic increase in YoY CPMs and site-revenue, when compared to utilizing AdSense alone. 

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Pokekalos.fr reaches an average of over 200k unique users per month, most commonly aged between 18-34 with approximately 73% being Male, and 27% Female. As a French language site, Pokekalos is most popular in France, Belgium and Canada.



Pokekalos utilizes all major formats offered by Venatus, including display banners, rich media takeovers and video placements. By utilizing header bidding optimization, higher paying advertisers and placements are prioritized over lower paying ones, increasing the average CPM per ad-placement and monthly revenue for Pokekalos.



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The Benefits of Upgrading from AdSense

Prior to partnering with Venatus over a year ago, Pokekalos used Google AdSense alone to generate revenue through display ads placed across the site. However, by only accepting a single demand source with little optimization, they were neglecting demand from the rest of the world's largest supply-side platforms. Following their partnership with Venatus in 2021, Pokekalos have seen dramatic growth in both their average CPMs and site revenue, as a result of effective header-bidding optimization and increasing ad-formats on the site. 


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Venatus has completely changed my life, allowing me to make my passion my main job. I've been working with Venatus for more than 1 year now, the results are really good, the team is always available for any question/help, I've no choice than recommending to join them.

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