Burberry: Hero

To announce the launch of their new ‘Hero’ Eau de Parfum, Burberry partnered with Venatus Australia to raise awareness amongst gaming and entertainment audiences.


Burberry: Hero

Following the success of their top selling women's fragrance, Burberry Her, Burberry aimed to create a splash with their latest Eau de Parfum for men, Burberry Hero. As chief creative officer Riccardo Tisci’s first fragrance for the brand, Burberry desired a bold and disruptive campaign, which would leverage their strong brand image to raise awareness across untapped consumer white spaces.

Target Audience

Inventory / Network

To reach audiences outside of their traditional customer base, Burberry sought engaged gaming and entertainment audiences who may not have previously considered the brand.



To reach a broad range of gaming and entertainment fans, Standard Takeover and retargeting display placements were chosen to target both desktop and mobile users. With Burberry providing a 15s video creative, our In-Game Rewarded Video placement was selected to target gamers across Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

Burberry: Hero


Ad Formats

Burberry provided campaign assets to our in-house creative team, who repurposed these into our rich media takeover and display formats, both featuring a call-to-action inviting users to shop now and purchase the fragrance.

Burberry Hero Standard Takeover
Burberry Hero Masthead Banner
Burberry Hero Reward Video
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The Burberry Hero campaign was featured across fan favourite gaming and entertainment websites, such as gfinityesports.com, rpgsite.net and epicstream.com, as well as popular console titles such as Paladins and SMITE.


Making a Splash with Audiences across Australia

The campaign resonated with gaming and entertainment audiences across Australia, helping Burberry reach a new audience outside of their typical customer base. With a click-through rate of 2.4% for the Standard Takeover and a view-through rate of 96.5% for the In-Game Rewarded Video placement, the campaign exceeded industry benchmarks.


CTR (Standard Takeover)


VTR (In-Game Rewarded Video)

The Venatus team were incredible to work with from start to post campaign. They had ensured that the brief was met and helped set up the campaign with ease. Overall, our results exceeded planned KPIs and we are looking forward to continuing to work with Venatus for future campaigns.

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