Unlock your audience in-game

In-game opportunities allow brands to unlock key audiences in a format that drives viewability, improves brand sentiment and delivers high engagement.


Access global EA app inventory

Venatus exclusively represents EA’s in-app advertising. Speak to thousands of gamers playing games at home and on the move.

Virtual worlds, real results

Through our exclusive partnerships with Bidstack, EA, Rovio and more, advertisers can access some of the world’s most popular games.

Benefits of Direct Sales

In-game ad formats

In-game experiences are a premium opportunity for brand exposure within a game. Build customised worlds, develop unique player interactions or create bespoke adventures. The opportunities are endless!

In-game video is a seamless and engaging way to connect with gamers in-game. Take your pre-existing video creative and see it perform in-game.

Excite and engage players without disrupting gameplay. Billboards fit seamlessly into the gaming landscape, allowing for great ad viewability and positive brand affiliation with the games people love to play.

In-game audio allows brands to engage players during gameplay but without interrupting their gaming experience. This non-intrusive format is another creative way to reach new audiences in an exciting way.