Premium inventory, optimized for viewability

Away from the game ads are an opportunity to engage your audience with high-impact creative at scale. Our methodology ensures optimal formats and placements based on each publisher’s content. That means greater brand viewability and performance.


Be seen by 400 million+ players

Our network of premium publishers engages 400m+ monthly active users, across all devices. Away from the game ads offer brand campaigns maximum reach and exposure infront of a highly targeted audience.

Reach gamers in their communities

Place your brand on the largest gaming community sites in the world. With sites such as OP.GG, FUTBIN and PlanetMinecraft, brands can access exclusive inventory opportunities on a global scale.

away-from-the-game inventory

Away-from-the-game ad formats

High-impact takeovers incorporate interactive, rich media to engage and excite users. Integrated Twitch Takeovers include live streams directly within the unit. 

Cross-device video formats allow brands to target audiences wherever they choose to watch, read and play. Maximize VTRs with highly relevant audience targeting.

High-performance display banners offer fantastic viewability at scale, offering a great opportunity to reach target audiences globally.