Venatus Becomes Google Certified Publishing Partner

Venatus is now a proud Google Certified Publishing Partner! This respected accolade has been awarded to Venatus after satisfying an in-depth review from Google themselves.

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May 14, 2024

Venatus is now a proud Google Certified Publishing Partner! This respected accolade has been awarded to Venatus after satisfying an in-depth review from Google themselves. The assessment process officially establishes Venatus as experts in Google products while providing innovative technologies, valuable solutions and impactful services to help publishers succeed in maximizing revenue generation.

What does it mean for Venatus to be a Google Certified Publishing Partner?

There are a range of benefits to becoming Google Certified Publishing Partners. Primarily, it’s a symbol of trust given to an exclusive number of companies and signifies Google’s confidence in Venatus’ services and the way we work with publishers. Beyond this, GCPP members are invited to feedback on how Google solutions can, and should, work for publishers while also benefiting from early access to Google news and developments.

It illustrates that Google recognises the value Venatus provides to publishers and trusts us to deliver the best outcomes for them:

Google’s certification program is designed to help publishers find the best partner from a pool of proven experts that can provide real monetization solutions and support for a publisher’s specific needs. Venatus’ certification means that our products and services, such as offering access to a truly global Direct Sales team, is recognised by Google to be extremely valuable for publishers looking to monetize their sites or apps in the most effective way.

Certification represents a next-level partnership with Google:

Becoming a Google Certified Publishing Partner allows Venatus to unlock an even stronger relationship with Google. Google trusts our expertise and market experience, taking our council on where the industry is and what publishers need or are concerned about. Venatus is able to represent the best interests of our publisher partners to further provide greater value in the monetization solutions we provide.

“Becoming a GCPP is a great achievement for the entire business! It’s a testament to the dedication our team puts in every day to provide the best results for our partners. Venatus will always be committed to providing the best platform for success and being specially recognised by Google proves our capability when it comes to maximizing publisher revenue.”  Matt Cannon | COO, Venatus

What does it mean for publishers?

For publishers, working with a certified partner is a guarantee that you are working with Google product and monetization solutions experts. Being part of the select group of GCPP companies indicates that Venatus has been reviewed and assessed by Google directly, and confirmed to be providing publishers with innovative products and solutions that maximize revenue generation. Publishers will benefit from Venatus’ heightened relationship with Google, and alongside our expert team, will be able to take advantage of the latest developments in technology and products by being among the first to hear about them. This exclusive access to knowledge and information will help publishers succeed. Overall, working with Venatus as a GCPP ensures that publishers are in the best position to achieve their monetization and revenue goals, utilizing the access they’ll have to trusted tech, the best people and inside knowledge that all combine to breed success now and for the long-term.

For more information on the Google Certified Publishing Partner programme, please visit:

Publisher FAQs!

Q: How will Venatus's new status as a Google Certified Publishing Partner improve their support and services for small publishers?

A: Venatus is committed to using our Google Certified Publishing Partner status to better support small publishers by providing them with tailored solutions that were previously more accessible to larger publishers. This includes specialized training, priority support, and access to features that can help small publishers compete more effectively in the digital market.

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