Maximize Competition,
Increase RPMs

Display, video and direct demand sources in a single auction, in real-time. Connect to the world’s largest SSPs and enjoy greater performance.

Tech that won’t
settle for less

Header-bidding optimizations allow publishers to maximize their revenue yields. A lightning-fast auction with multiple, competing bids from premium demand sources means only the highest bids are accepted.

From AdSense
to beyond

As Google Certified Publishing Partners, we understand the many benefits to monetizing with AdSense. Monetizing with Venatus means unlocking demand beyond Google with high-quality ad formats to drive greater fill-rates and maximize revenue.


Highly relevant advertising,
better results

We’re a gaming specialist ad platform. This means that our Direct Sales team sells campaigns with specific gaming audiences and your users in mind. The greater the contextual match-up, the greater the campaign engagement, maximizing the publisher RPMs.

Programmatic monetization

Unique, global partnerships

Being in the AdTech industry for well over a decade has allowed us to build global relationships with the biggest demand sources in the world. Our special SSP partnerships allow us to open doors for publishers looking to optimize their earning potential.

Demand more from programmatic

Get unbeatable header-bidding technology backed by years of experience and expert optimization teams