FUTBIN win with Direct Demand

FUTBIN, the world's largest FIFA community, found monetization success through powerful direct demand from Venatus.


FUTBIN win with Direct Demand

FUTBIN is the world’s largest FIFA community, offering users a variety of features with the aim of improving their game. Its focus is primarily on the FUT markets, but also features plenty of competitive gaming content. Futbin has recently expanded to include FIFA campaign manager site FIFACM and New World helper site, NWBin.

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How Venatus earns you more

FUTBIN integrated high-impact skins and takeovers as well as traditional banners and intelligent instream video.


FUTBIN has been monetizing with Venatus for over a decade, developing a strong partnership that has remained through difficult economic environments and even after their acquisition by Better Collective in 2022. This next-level relationship has allowed FUTBIN to be among the first to test new ad formats and opportunities. Their platform utilizes all major formats across traditional display, high-impact rich media, and video.

FUTBIN win with Direct Demand


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Direct demand has been a huge success for FUTBIN. Premium brands booking high-impact formats have yielded impressive results.


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CPM uplift

Through monetization of two of our leading web properties, Futbin and HLTV, Venatus has proven to be a key commercial partner year over year. Venatus has delivered highly effective advertising revenue streams while balancing the needs of our users. We are particularly happy with their Rich Media Takeover campaigns and Instream Video formats and look forward to continued success!

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