Venatus Core Gamers

Core Gamers live and breathe gaming. They are engaged with the communities that surround their favourite games and use virtual worlds to stay in touch with friends but also to compete at the highest level. They watch esports tournaments, create content and guides in forums and want to learn about the latest tech to help them win.

PC & Console Natives
Gen Z & Millennial
117 Million MAUs across Venatus

How to reach Core Gamers

Core gamers love competitive titles with high-skill levels. MOBA games in particular hold the attention of millions with League of Legends boasting 150M players each month, watching over 95 million hours of gameplay.
Venatus Publisher Partners
advertise to gamers

Where to engage Core Gamers

A range of cross device formats allow us to accurately target and engage Core Gamers in their preferred environments. High-quality creative leads to greater brand sentiment and affiliation.

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