Venatus Young Gamers

For Young Gamers, gaming is not just a way to have fun. It’s vital to how they socialize, with metaverse environments forming part of their daily lives. Connecting with the younger gamer requires regulatory expertise to ensure the utmost safety for kids online and the brands.

Cross-device Naturals
Gen Alpha 3-15s
200 Million Global MAUs

Favorite genres and how we can reach them

Young Gamers enjoy a wide variety of titles from AAA productions to sandbox and indie games. Crucially, they tend to spend more time playing games with social and customizable aspects such as Roblox & Minecraft. Venatus ensures all our campaigns and publishers uphold the utmost safety for Young Gamers.
Venatus Publisher Partners
Kids Gaming

Across their preferred platforms

A range of cross device formats allow us to engage Young Gamers in their preferred environments. Brand and kid-safe creatives are ensured by QA processes.
reach young audiences

89% of kids play games*

Gaming is central to most kids’ lives. Reach young audiences through compliant, brand-safe and creative solutions.

*GWI Kids 8-11

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