see big boost to RPM and CPM

Since founding LoLdle as a passion project in August 2022, Founder, Benjamin has since become a full-time gaming publisher, earning a living by monetizing his site. After unhappy trials with other ad partners, he happily decided on Venatus as the best choice for making his dream job a reality.

LoLdle see big boost to RPM and CPM

LoLdle is a browser game influenced by the famous Wordle-style daily format, attracting millions of League of Legends fans every month with a fun and engaging puzzle that tests knowledge of the game. The game format is also replicated across other well-known gaming franchises with, and monetizing millions of page views each month with an advertising strategy that focuses on maximum revenue while maintaining the best user experience.

Target Audience

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LoLdle alone attracts around 5 million pageviews each month with the majority of traffic coming from United States, Poland, Spain, Germany, and France.


The Venatus optimizations team worked with LoLdle to ensure that user experience was not impacted in any way while offering solutions to maximize revenue. Venatus helped to develop a sustainable advertising strategy focusing on quality over quantity, with high-performance formats and sticky ads offering maximum viewability. Highly relevant campaigns and advertisers for LoLdle's audience resulted in maximum RPMs for the publisher. see big boost to RPM and CPM


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Since partnering with Venatus, we’ve seen impressive growth that shows no signs of slowing down:


RPM uplift


CPM uplift

“We used to work with two other ad partners. We decided to switch due to very poor communication and overall revenue. Venatus is truly a great team. Very responsive, understanding, and always available to help.

I’m super satisfied with their product: the onboarding was smooth, and revenue has greatly increased. I would definitely recommend any site to give them a try. ”

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