Intel: Arc (KR)

To promote their new range of discrete graphics cards, Intel partnered with Venatus in Korea to raise awareness amongst core gaming audiences. 


Intel: Arc (KR)

Following the launch of their new range of discrete graphics cards for desktops, Intel partnered with Venatus to raise awareness amongst desktop gamers in South Korea. As a newcomer to an established market dominated by strong competition, Intel required a captivating campaign which would capture the attention of gaming enthusiasts across South Korea. 

Target Audience

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Intel aimed to target enthusiast gamers aged between 18-34 across South Korea for their campaign. With an estimated 1.48bn gamers across Asia, Venatus’ extensive reach across this region and in particular South Korea, made them the perfect fit for this campaign. 

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With a 15s video asset available from Intel, the campaign required an ad-format supporting embedded video and also offer a call-to-action linking to Intel's website. Therefore a Premium Takeover was selected, which surrounds the main content of a webpage and features an embedded video player at the top of the placement.

Intel: Arc (KR)


Ad Formats

Our in-house creative team utilized existing campaign assets provided by Intel and repurposed these into a Premium Takeover. The creative feature the original video ad placed at the top of the takeover, with a call-to-action linking to Intel’s website accessible across the takeover. 

Intel Arc Premium Takeover 1
Intel Arc Premium Takeover 2
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To best reach the target audience of PC gamers aged between 18-34, a selection of Korean language websites most popular with enthusiast gamers were chosen, such as, and With the widespread popularity of League of Legends across South Korea, these were a great way to target PC gamers


Smashing Industry Benchmarks!

The campaign exceeded industry benchmarks and resonated with PC gamers across South Korea, achieving a CTR of 5.98%, raising awareness of Intel’s Arc discrete graphics cards amongst those most likely to be in the market to purchase one. 



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