Radox: Scent Touch

Ahead of the launch of their ‘Scent Touch’ shower gel, Radox required an innovative campaign that would raise awareness of their new product range.


Radox: Scent Touch

To promote their new “Scent Touch’ range of shower gel products, Radox partnered with Venatus to raise awareness amongst gaming audiences in the UK. To create significant awareness of an often overlooked product category, Radox required an engaging and interactive ad-placement which would resonate with its target audience. 

Target Audience

Inventory / Network

Radox aimed to drive awareness amongst female gamers aged 25-44 for their ‘Scent Touch’ campaign. With women accounting for over 50% of casual gaming audiences, Venatus’ exclusive mobile app portfolio was a perfect fit for Radox.

25-44 Years


Radox required a completely unique custom placement, differing from Venatus’ traditional portfolio of ad-formats. Working alongside Radox and Rovio, we aimed to build a completely custom branded level from the ground up, reaching female gamers across our exclusive Rovio mobile app inventory. 

Radox: Scent Touch


Ad Formats

The branded level featured the classic Angry Birds slingshot game mechanic with a Radox twist, where players would throw birds at Radox Scent Touch bottles, which made up the game's famous scaffolding target alongside the enemy green pigs. Players could also interact with the fragrance ingredients, such as coconuts and blueberries, as they floated in bubbles above the scaffolding.

Play the custom minigame here!

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The campaign was delivered across Angry Birds apps selected for being most popular with female gamers and up-weighted at times when they were most likely to be playing, for example during commuting and meal times, in order to maximize campaign performance. 


Winner: ‘Most Effective Native Advertising Campaign’ - Effective Mobile Marketing Awards 2017

The custom in-game integration surpassed all of Radox’s campaign objectives and delivered incredible awareness of the ‘Scent Touch’ range, achieving high levels of engagement throughout the campaign.

The branded-level achieved an impressive CTR of 4%, whilst a Venatus run brand lift study recorded a 66% brand uplift pre and post-exposure to the game.

At the 2017 EMMA awards our judges commented:

"This was a very clever integration of branded materials into a game, which delivered excellent results for the client. It was also good to see a campaign that recognised that women are a major mobile gaming audience and leveraged that fact."




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