Radox: Scent Touch

To capture the popular female casual gamer demographic, Radox enlisted Venatus to launch a branded in-game integration on popular the mobile app, Angry Birds, with outstanding engagement rates and significant brand uplift.

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Radox: Scent Touch

Ahead of the release of their ‘Scent Touch’ product range, Radox wanted to create an innovative campaign that would raise awareness of their new body wash.

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For this campaign, Radox sought female gamers aged 18-44

Females 18-44


In order to best reach female gamers, mobile apps were chosen for having the closest demographic profile to the desired audience. 

Venatus worked alongside Radox and Rovio to build a bespoke branded game level within Angry Birds, which reached their target audience in a new, fun and interactive environment. The game featured the classic Angry Birds slingshot game mechanic with a Radox twist; players would throw birds at Radox Scent Touch bottles, which made up the game's famous scaffolding target alongside the green pigs.

Radox: Scent Touch


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One of the core features of the ‘Scent Touch’ range was the 'touch-on-release' technology, which triggered a longer-lasting scent. This feature flowed into the campaign creative by encouraging players to touch their screen to release the Angry Birds. Players could also interact with the fragrance ingredients, such as coconuts and blueberries, as they floated in bubbles above the scaffolding.

Preview the minigame here:


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The campaign delivered to females aged 25-44 across Angry Birds apps, up-weighting at times when this audience were most likely to be playing, for example during commuting and meal times.

EMMA Award Winner

The in-game integration surpassed all of Unilever's campaign objectives and delivered incredible awareness of the ‘Scent Touch’ range, achieving high levels of engagement throughout the campaign.

The branded-level generated more than 3 million game starts, with 2.3 million completed plays. Overall, reaching an impressive 2.5 million unique users, with almost 4% of players clicking through to the product website.Venatus also ran a brand study which recorded a 66% brand uplift pre and post-exposure to the game.

2017 EMMA Awards judges commented: 

"This was a very clever integration of branded materials into a game, which delivered excellent results for the client. It was also good to see a campaign that recognised that women are a major mobile gaming audience and leveraged that fact."


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Radox: Scent Touch

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