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Venatus offers great employee power-ups and game-changing career opportunities in the fastest growing industry in the world. We're an ambitious bunch who work hard, play often and win always. Learn more about Venatus below & take a look at our current job openings.

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The number one ad solution in gaming

Our mission is to be the number one advertising solution in gaming. We'll get there by working with great people, expanding on a world-class platform and being the ultimate partner for our clients.

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People, platform
& partner

Our '3 P's' are a top level view of what's important to us as a business. Our people power the great things we do every day and make up an awesome squad of talent. We developed the world's first PMP for gaming and continue to innovate on our tech and platforms. And lastly, being the best partner to our clients is ingrained in our culture. We're there to support and drive performance from publisher monetization to award-winning ad campaigns.

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Venatus values


As individuals and a team we share a passion, hunger and energy to deliver on our ambitious growth goals. We have high standards and expectations of ourselves and one another and we have the commitment, determination and self belief that we will succeed.

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Open to all

We are friendly, warm and welcoming and care about doing right by each other and for our clients. We want everyone to be comfortable and confident to do great work, bring their best thinking and ideas while growing and developing their talents everyday.


We take the initiative, ask questions and get involved. We enjoy the freedom of genuine autonomy in our roles and the opportunity to have our voices heard and we own our responsibilities.


Always moving

We thrive on the challenge of working in a fast-moving market with ever-changing client needs and we have the flexibility to learn and adapt fast. We push boundaries with our continuous improvement and ‘how can we do this better?’ mindset. Thinking critically and creatively, we bring ideas and solutions to all we do.

Play as a team

We enjoy personally connecting and having fun together because we all play our part and rely on each other. We don’t carry passengers but we are always helpful and supportive to our team-mates in a refreshingly straightforward, open way.

Women in business

Venatus is proud to support women in business and has a proactive group that encourages connections and offers a supportive environment for women in the business. This group inspires career growth and encourages development in all forms. As part of this group, women benefit from the support of their peers and are introduced to opportunities in training, attending conferences, mentorship opportunities.

Venatus DE&I

Venatus strongly believes that the more diverse mindsets and backgrounds we have represented in our team, who are all valued and heard, the more our business will level-up. This is why we support our internal DE&I committee who work to improve representation in our workplace as well as introducing schemes and opportunities to promote inclusion in all forms. This means developing a safe space for everyone to be respected and to achieve success in their roles and as people.

Working at Venatus

As a global company, we ensure that all employees benefit from the same opportunities to grow, learn and succeed.

Hybrid working

We believe that to do your best work, you need the best of both worlds. That's why we allow our employees to work from home flexibly and to visit the office a couple of times a week. So you can put a load of washing in between meetings!

Dog friendly offices

Real flexibility means being able to make working in the office just as easy as working at home. So, bring in your dog! We'd love to meet them.

The social scene

Venatus arranges monthly socials through our Social Committee. Alongside seasonal events like Halloween and Christmas, the team have been on scavenger hunts, clay pigeon shooting, mini-golfing and more!

Learn new skills

We encourage our employees to be the best at what they do. Part of this involves learning new skills to help you succeed in your role. From webinars to events and seminars, Venatus supports you and your career development.

10 trees for each
new team member

To celebrate our 100th team member, we're planting 100 trees to support re-forestation and communities that need them the most. Going forward, Venatus will plant 10 new trees for each new team member that joins us! To find out more, visit the One Tree Planted website.

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Living Wage Employer

We believe in taking care of our employees and providing them with fair compensation for their hard work. That's why we're proud to be an accredited Living Wage employer. This means we pay our staff not just the minimum wage, but a wage that meets the cost of living. We understand that our employees are our most valuable asset, and we're committed to their wellbeing. By choosing to work with us, you can be confident you're supporting a responsible team that values its staff.

Venatus tree planting policy
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