around-the-game ADVERTISING

Capture attention in natural breaks in play

Around-the-game advertising allows brands to engage with key audiences within the gaming environment yet not in the game itself. Rewarded ad formats and playable units deliver maximum results.

rewarded ads for brands

99% viewability with rewarded ads

Around the game ads, allow brands to drive the best campaign metrics while building positive relationships with their audience

Virtual worlds, real results

Through our exclusive partnerships with Bidstack, EA, Rovio and more, advertisers can access some of the world’s most popular games.

around-the-game inventory

Around-the-game ad formats

Reward video exchanged in game currency or benefits in return for a video completion. Players actively welcome these ads when they give them a boost in-game.

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Playable ad units allow brands to create customized branded experiences. Each mini-game is created by our in-house creatives, specifically for each brand. From puzzles, to time trials, the opportunities are endless!

Create a custom mini-game for your brand