Environmental, social & corporate governance

Venatus is dedicated to playing our part in building a sustainable future and creating a workplace that allows everyone to be heard, respected and successful regardless of circumstance. Our Environmental, Social and Governance framework highlights our commitment to our partners and our employees and our long-standing ambition to align the operations of our business with our foundational values.

Our people

The success of Venatus is underpinned by our talented employees and their contributions to our technology and services. As a Global company, we are committed to providing equal opportunities across our global workforce in an environment that nurtures a culture of respect and appreciation. Our internal Employee Resource Groups are a testament to this commitment, providing a supportive environment with our Women of Venatus group and our DE&I committee which works to improve representation in all forms within our business. Furthermore, our Recruitment Policy ensures fairness with accommodations being made for candidates that require them to reflect our open-to-all ethos.

Our environment

Venatus is an environmentally aware business and is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations. Our office headquarters has recently moved to a new office space with energy efficiencies being tracked and monitored. And, this year we will report on our emissions and set targets with a view to achieving Net Zero by [2030]. Venatus has also committed to reforestation initiatives, with tree planting linked to recruitment numbers and other operational plans. Our offices operate recycling and waste sorting programs working with a carbon neutral and zero-to-landfill waste collection company. Our London office makes use of motion sensor lighting alongside other energy-saving technologies. We encourage our people to use green forms of transport wherever possible and by embracing a hybrid working framework, we have reduced emissions through reduced commuting and travel. 

Our governance

Venatus has strong policies in place to ensure everyone within the business adheres to our high standards of ethical conduct. We continue to invest in the education of our staff to maintain the every-day embodiment of our ethical values and policies.

Our Values

Our values are what we live by. They guide the way we work with publishers and advertising clients as well as how we work with eachother. We’re a group of go-getters that want to be involved in the next big play and to do that we’re committed to supporting others, including everyone and helping our team win.


As individuals and a team we share a passion, hunger and energy to deliver on our ambitious growth goals. We have high standards and expectations of ourselves and one another and we have the commitment, determination and self belief that we will succeed.

Open to all

We are friendly, warm and welcoming and care about doing right by each other and for our clients. We want everyone to be comfortable and confident to do great work, bring their best thinking and ideas while growing and developing their talents everyday.


We take the initiative, ask questions and get involved. We enjoy the freedom of genuine autonomy in our roles and the opportunity to have our voices heard and we own our responsibilities.

Always moving

We thrive on the challenge of working in a fast-moving market with ever-changing client needs and we have the flexibility to learn and adapt fast. We push boundaries with our continuous improvement and ‘how can we do this better?’ mindset. Thinking critically and creatively, we bring ideas and solutions to all we do.

Play as a team

We enjoy personally connecting and having fun together because we all play our part and rely on each other. We don’t carry passengers but we are always helpful and supportive to our team-mates in a refreshingly straightforward, open way.

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