ASDA Rewards App Launch

To promote the launch of their new mobile rewards app, ASDA partnered with Venatus through media agency Spark Foundry, to raise awareness amongst mainstream gaming audiences in the UK.


ASDA Rewards App Launch

Ahead of the nationwide rollout of their new mobile rewards scheme, UK supermarket ASDA aimed to drive awareness of their new app across the country. Often seeing low engagement rates across their traditional ad-placements on TV, ASDA sought higher impact ad-formats which could still utilize their original video creative and include a CTA to download their app. 

Target Audience

Inventory / Network

ASDA aimed to reach existing customers and mainstream loyalty shoppers for their campaign. With Nielsen data showing Venatus’ audiences were 1.4x more likely on average to engage with ASDA than their platform average, our mainstream casual gaming audience was the perfect fit for this campaign.

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To target gamers both at home and on the go, we opted for a mix of in-game mobile and console targeting, which typically see high levels of engagement amongst gamers. For example, our reward video placements are offered to gamers in exchange for in-game currency, encouraging significantly higher view-through rates.

ASDA Rewards App Launch


Ad Formats

Equipped with ASDA’s original TV advertisement and campaign assets, our creative team built a custom branded ‘Tetris’ style MRAID minigame, where players could stack up food items in order to collect points. Following the completion of the minigame, players were shown the original video creative with links to download the app.

ASDA Rewards App
ASDA Rewards TV Advertisement
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The MRAID minigame was placed across mobile gaming favorites such as Angry Birds 2, Plants vs. Zombies and The Sims, whilst the video creative was shown to console gamers, best fitting ASDA’s mainstream target demographic.


A Rewarding Return-on-Investment

Our entertaining ASDA Rewards campaign resonated with UK casual gamers, with impressive performance across both the in-app MRAID and console reward video placements.




VTR (Reward Video)

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