Waffle nearly doubles their revenue

Waffle is a free-to-play browser game based on the world-famous Wordle, where millions of users visit every day to solve an engaging word puzzle.


Waffle nearly doubles their revenue

Through best-in-class ad formats, direct campaigns, bespoke support, and so much more — Venatus were able to nearly double Waffle's revenue and CPM. Following the success of Waffle, founder James Robinson established Waffle Studio to continue work on projects new and old.

Target Audience

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Waffle draws in 10+ million active users every month, with the majority coming based in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and Brazil.


Placing value on flexibility, Waffle wanted to ensure their user experience remained the most important factor when implementing ads. Venatus worked with them to refine an ad strategy that maintained all the fun of the game without compromising on viewability and revenue.

Waffle nearly doubles their revenue


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Our partnership has been a huge success, with impressive growth that only continues to grow year-over-year:


Revenue growth


CPM uplift


Fill-rate increase

“As our global monetization partner, Venatus maximizes revenue generation across Waffle while being flexible in ad format strategies and solutions. The revenue they’ve driven and the flexibility they give us in terms of testing new formats have made Venatus our key monetization partner.

They have always considered the enjoyment of Waffle’s global audience first and balanced this with new revenue opportunities. This is just the start of a very successful partnership!”

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