Brand Safety

Venatus Brand Safety Procedures

Venatus is committed to protecting its advertisers from inappropriate sites and advertising fraud.

Venatus has a clearly defined set of procedures concerning transparency, brand safety and user privacy.

Venatus is committed though its membership of the IAB and TAG to ensure that:

  • All publisher partners must agree to our Publisher Terms & Conditions.
  • All publisher partners must pass a stringent human audit process.
  • No publishers website or app may contain content that is deemed as:
    - Containing hate speech
    - Promotion or sale of drugs, tobacco, or fire arms
    - Illegal filesharing, downloads, streaming or hacking
    - Adult content

All campaigns are specifically targeted to an allowed / inclusion list if agreed with an advertiser.

No campaigns will serve against any disallowed / exclusion list if provided to Venatus from an advertiser.

An advertiser can wrap their tags with IAS, Moat or Double Verify to ensure greater brand safety should they choose.  Venatus supports all third party brand safety vendors.

Venatus Take Down Procedure

Venatus is committed to rapidly resolving any ad misplacement.

Should an advertiser appear against content they deem inappropriate then Venatus shall endeavour to remove the advert within 2 hours. Please send an email to including a screengrab and, ideally, a copy of the HTTP headers.  

Contractual consequences of not removing an ad are limited to the value of the IO.

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