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In-game advertising and beyond

Venatus offer a range of exciting ad solutions in-game, next to the game and around the game. Creative ad formats appearing in games like Roblox, Angry Birds and many, many more offer brands an unrivalled access to gamers in their own environments.

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Programmatic or direct buying?

We offer both programmatic and direct ad sales all under one roof. So whether you'd prefer to work directly with our expert sales teams or run your campaigns via DSP, there’s a media buying solution that works for your business.

Old gaming platforms
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Creative ad-solutions

In-game advertising

Our in-game formats allow ads to become a seamless part of the gameplay environment. Our leading partnerships with Bloxbiz and PlayerWON allow us to display engaging ads in games like Roblox and in-console video formats on Playstation and Xbox.

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Around the game

A range of impactful ad placements that become the central focus as gameplay stops, such as reward video units, offering in-game currency in return for viewing the ad. These formats are available across consoles, mobile and PC.

Next to the game

More traditional digital ad units placed alongside gaming and entertainment content, for example banner advertisements below a mobile game or rich media takeovers with embedded video.



Advertisers have the opportunity to partner with key Venatus Publishers to produce meaningful brand executions that go beyond traditional advertising. Unique in-game experiences, custom minigames, co-branding, editorial opportunities, event partnerships and more!

Our Audiences

Our 250+ core exclusive websites play host to the world's best gaming and entertainment communities. From hardcore gamers to casual entertainment lovers and mobile app fanatics, Venatus will unlock the key audiences for your brand.

Connect with Kids

Venatus engages kids audiences safely and by industry standards with access to hugely popular games like Roblox, Angry Birds, Plants Vs. Zombies, Sonic Dash and much more.

Connect with Core Gamers

Venatus connects with PC & Console gamers through exciting partnerships with Bloxbiz and PlayerWON, offering access to specific ad-placements in games like Roblox and on hugely popular community sites like Futbin and MOBAFIRE.

Connect with Casual Gamers

Venatus offers access to a wide range of the most popular mobile games from The Sims to Words with Friends, using interactive in-app advertising formats and mobile first display ads.

Connect with Entertainment & Lifestyle

With exclusive access to sites that help you reach audiences in Music, TV, Film, News and more.

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