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Tim Weller Joins Venatus as Chairman

Venatus is pleased to announce the appointment of Tim Weller as Chairman. Tim is a successful entrepreneur within the media and technology industries. Most notably he founded Incisive Media in 1995 and grew it to a £250 million revenue media and events business within 13 years and he lead the company through an IPO on the main market in 2000…

NFTs in Gaming: Are they adding value?

As the phrase non-fungible token (or NFT) drifts ever further into mainstream consciousness, the discussion over the use-cases re-emerges, is there room for NFTs in gaming?

Venatus announces extended partnership with Planet Minecraft

Venatus proudly announces a newly extended partnership with community fan site, Planet Minecraft.

5 Things to do before you start monetizing with ads: A Pre-Ad monetization checklist

Making the decision to start monetizing your content is often a big stepping stone for publishers. For some, it will be a period of trial and error and there’s a good chance one or two hurdles will arise. Tasks like optimising site designs, following accessibility best practices, understanding new advertising standards and much more. But, not to fear! Venatus has been in the ad-tech game for over 10 years now and here is our foundational checklist of all the things to consider when looking to monetize your site with ads.

Pay to win: Are acquisitions healthy for the gaming industry?

Mergers and acquisitions are nothing new in the gaming industry. They can be worth billions to the acquired companies and generate an intense PR buzz for the buyers. January 2022 saw the two biggest gaming acquisitions ever, happening more or less within a week of each other…

The Metaverse: Expectations Vs. Reality

The Metaverse as it’s being discussed today is fraught with misunderstanding and confusion. Let’s take a look at the common misconceptions about all things metaverse.

Gaming for All

The gaming industry has created a diverse and inclusive community where everyone is welcome no matter what, how or why they game. Despite the abundance of variety within gaming, there are still common misconceptions that only certain brands can get involved and that there are only a handful of ways to reach gaming audiences.

This article was taken from the VideoWeek Gaming & Advertising Guide 2021, produced in partnership with Venatus.

M.O.B.A Network continue Venatus partnership into 5th year

Venatus is proud to announce an extended partnership with owners of several of the world’s largest esports communities, M.O.B.A. Network.

Livingbridge invests in advertising technology platform Venatus

Livingbridge’s investment will be vital in supporting Venatus in establishing itself as the largest global specialist in this space – facilitating its ambitious growth plans in the US, taking the business to new geographies, and heavily investing in its proprietary technology.

Venatus View: Google Core Web Vitals

In this series, we will be exploring the industry initiatives shaping the world of advertising. This week we're taking a deep dive into Google’s Core Web Vitals.

Venatus partners with PlayerWON™ to offer full-screen, in-game sponsored video

Through this partnership, Venatus will work with PlayerWON, a division of Simulmedia, Inc., to help brands access highly sought-after gaming audiences through premium, full-screen and player-controlled video campaigns.

Google privacy update: A marathon not a sprint

Yesterday Google announced an almost two-year delay to their plans to bid farewell to third-party cookies. This news provides some much-needed certainty to publishers, most of which rely on advertising to support their freely available content.

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