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What are direct ad sales? And how can publishers benefit from them?

Direct sale ad campaigns are perhaps the best way for publishers to increase their advertising yield, by booking campaigns directly with large scale advertisers and marketing agencies. By cutting out the fees of programmatic middlemen, publishers can greatly increase their profitability by opening up to both direct and programmatic demand for their ad-units.

What are Rich Media ads? And how to boost Site Profitability with them

Advertisers require new options aside from outdated web banners, to truly connect with audiences in engaging ways. Rich media ad-formats offer that solution, with customizable, engaging and interactive formats driving higher engagement and click-through rates. As a result, these formats demand higher CPMs and can boost profitability for web publishers.

How to Optimize Display Ads to Boost Site Profitability

Display ads are a great way for publishers to initially introduce ad-revenue to their website and fund future growth, however taking advantage of effective optimizations for display ads can boost profitability to the next level.

How to boost SEO performance for increased organic traffic

With research showing 27.6% of all search engine clicks go to the first link on result pages, ranking highly amidst competitors is crucial to increasing overall site traffic. As outdated SEO methods like 'keyword stuffing' are increasing penalised by search engines, publishers must better understand how search engines function, in order to better optimize their content to boost search rankings and increase organic traffic.

12 Years of Venatus

With Venatus’ 12 year anniversary just passing in the rear-view mirror, what better time to look back and celebrate the highlights and achievements of our time so far representing gaming and entertainment audiences across the globe!

The Future of Cookie-Less Advertising

As Google once again delaying its deprecation of the third-party cookie until the second half of 2024, the question of how a cookie-less online advertising landscape will operate arises once again, as advertisers and technology platforms are crucially given more time to build and implement their alternative solutions. 

Understanding Gaming Audiences

With roughly 40% of the world's population indulging in video games at least once a week, gaming audiences are as diverse and all emcompassing as ever before, and with new, engaging and interactive ad-formats, there has never been a better time for advertisers to reach this burgeoning audience.

Why Advertisers should Consider In-Game Advertising

Offering a seamless and engaging experience for players, and high performing placements for advertisers, in-game advertising promises mutual value for advertisers and players alike; it's no wonder global brands such as LEGO®, Nike and The Grammys have already committed advertising spend.

Venatus Guide to Desktop Ad Formats

Ad formats standardize the size, shape, functionality and placement of advertisements across given inventory, with each holding unique characteristics to help advertisers best engage with their target audience.

Our handy guide on ad-formats outlines the functionality and performance of the world’s most popular online advertising formats.

Outgrowing AdSense? A Guide to Supercharging your Site Monetisation

Google AdSense can be a great way for fledgling publishers to quickly and easily monetise their web inventory, however as audiences grow larger and more valuable, increasing exposure to a wider range of programmatic marketplaces, taking advantage of direct campaign deals and embracing site optimisation can massively increase profitability to fuel future growth online.

What is Header Bidding? And how does it Drive Profit for Publishers?

Header bidding technology has revolutionised the way publishers sell their ad-inventory programmatically online; allowing for increased revenue by accepting advertiser demand from multiple sources, whilst also giving advertisers access to premium inventory from around the world. But what is header bidding exactly and how can it be best utilised to increase revenue for publishers?

Venatus passes 2022 Brand Safety Audit, upholding TAG Certification

Venatus is pleased to announce they have passed their 2022 brand safety audit, upholding their Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) certification and honouring their commitment to deliver upon the utmost brand safety practises.

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