Venatus Guide to Mobile Ad Formats

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May 13, 2024

With 4.67bn active mobile internet users worldwide and roughly 59% of all web traffic coming from mobile devices, the global ubiquity of mobile devices has continued to grow internet usage YoY, and with that the ability to reach niche target audiences through mobile platforms increases exponentially.

By partnering exclusively with the world’s largest gaming and entertainment publishers, Venatus is able to connect advertisers to a diverse audience base of millions of fans globally. We understand gamers can be averse to intrusive or invasive ad placements, so our in-house creative team specialize in building interactive rich media ad formats with engaging creatives, suiting the environments they are placed in. 

Advertisers can benefit by placing ads ‘around-the-game’, across gaming companion sites and forums, as gamers often focus intensely on their game in the moment, so mobile devices offer a great way to connect during natural breaks in gameplay, for example whilst waiting in game lobbies. Alternatively, modern advertising technologies allow advertisers to place ads directly within game environments themselves, offering an immersive blended experience for players.

But what formats are available to advertisers and how can these be used in combination with other ad-placements to have the greatest impact?

Mobile Ad Formats

Mobile advertising formats can be broadly placed in two environments, within mobile websites and within in-app or in-game environments. Mobile web formats range from traditional banners, to video and more interactive rich media placements, whereas in-app environments offer interstitial, video and rich media minigame placements. 

Mobile Web Placements


Banners are the most common advertising format across the mobile web due to their universal support and standardized sizing, allowing advertisers to use specific sizes across both desktop and mobile websites. Banners most often contain static images, but can also include animated GIFs which can increase visibility. Banners benefit from having the lowest CPM of most online advertising formats, meaning they can generate a great deal of brand awareness at a low cost.

Instream Video:

Instream video placements precede the video content a user has opted in to viewing, as opposed to outstream video which doesn’t require supplementary content in order to run. Instream video benefits from higher levels of engagement, as users must watch the advertisement before their chosen content is shown. As standard video assets are utilized, it’s easy for advertisers to repurpose pre-existing video content, such as TV advertisements.

Mobile Takeover:

Mobile takeovers are an interactive rich media format, consisting of static images, text and video. Upon loading a webpage, they initially appear minimized at the bottom of a user’s display, before reappearing fully expanded further down the page, during a natural break in content. With interactive features and the ability to embed video creatives, mobile takeovers typically achieve much higher click-through rates than more traditional formats, such as banners. 

Mobile Gallery Takeover:

Similar to mobile takeovers, mobile gallery takeovers appear minimized when a user loads a webpage, before appearing in full size further down the web page. Mobile gallery takeovers can host multiple static images, which users then scroll through to reveal more. With a much higher engagement rate than traditional banners, mobile gallery takeovers are a great way to increase engagement amongst audiences, without using video creatives.


SuperBiz In-Game billboards:

Our SuperBiz in-game billboards are placed directly within ad-safe Roblox servers, offering an integrated and immersive advertising experience for players, which doesn’t disturb gameplay. In-game billboards can feature static or animated images, or standard video assets, meaning advertisers can easily repurpose existing creatives.

SuperBiz In-Game 3D Interactive Character

Our partnership with SuperBiz allows us to offer advertisers the opportunity to place a fully customizable 3D character within their brand safe Roblox servers. Players can interact with the character, where advertisers can deliver sponsored messages based on their campaign objectives.


An MRAID is a fully customizable rich media minigame, served during natural pauses in gameplay, or in exchange for a reward such as in-game currency or collectibles. MRAIDs are built from the ground up by Venatus’ in-house creative team, thus can be completely customized as per an advertiser’s requirements. MRAIDs offer a uniquely interactive way for players to engage with a brand, achieving much higher engagement rates compared to more traditional formats. 

Reward Video

Reward video placements are served after players opt-in to viewing an advertisement, typically in exchange for in-game currency or collectibles. Reward video campaigns benefit from very high view-through rates, as users must watch the entire advertisement before receiving their reward. As standard video assets are used for the placement, advertisers can easily repurpose existing video content, such as TV advertisements, and extend brand awareness across mobile devices.  

In Summary...

As mobile usage continues to grow globally, the opportunity to target gamers in-between gaming sessions or whilst out and about is greater than ever. Modern advertising formats also allow advertisers to better utilize their campaign budgets, by repurposing existing content to extend reach across mobile devices. 

If you’d like to learn more about mobile advertising or advertise with Venatus, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team, at the email address below: