The Measurable Benefits of Playable Ads

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October 3, 2022

We aren’t the first to say it, and we won’t be the last, but both audiences and the ad industry are sick of standard ad formats. Last week Digiday reported a 30% year on year increase in ad blocking, currently including 615 million devices. On the same day, A List Daily reported that ‘79% of mobile gamers prefer rewarded ads over pre-roll’.

The thing about having passionate audiences, particularly within the entertainment and gaming industries, is that the emotional investment they have in the content they love leads to high standards. At the same time, as our CEO Rob Gay has written, ad blocking is counterintuitive to a strong gaming industry because it is the publishers who suffer financially.

Playable and reward ads are the solution to this loggerhead situation, offering a form of user engagement that is truer to both the game and the audience’s wishes, whilst also providing high impact advertising and revenue to publishers and brands, with very little risk.


A previous campaign promoting Skylanders (C) Venatus
                                                                                                                                                 A previous campaign promoting Skylanders (C) Venatus                                


Advertisers gain the opportunity to create a longer-lasting and more meaningful interaction with users who have opted into engaging with them. Audiences get higher quality and extra content from people that they like and publishers get increased revenue from longer, better advertising.

Our playable ads can be served across devices and include a range of solutions including minigames and branded levels. Premium video and storybook interstitials provide natural opportunities for users to connect with high quality content produced by relevant brands.

More than placing an advert next to entertainment content, our ads enable brands to integrate products that are known to appeal to entertainment audiences directly into the content. Engaging with the brand through game-play creates a strong emotional connection between the brand and user.  


A previous campaign with Nintendo and Ella Eyre (C) Venatus
                                                                                                   A previous campaign with Nintendo and Ella Eyre (C) Venatus                                


If this approach and the low CPM to high engagement ratio were not enough, the in-game rewards further incentivize the user to engage. Our view cap makes these adverts sought after bonuses within the game, while guaranteeing 100% viewability.

Although playable ads are not new, our approach to mini-games in mobile apps have broken new ground in the last year. Our work in IP integrations to fully immerse a brand into specific Rovio apps were a media first, and we are continuing to innovate.

With Venatus publishers and advertisers also get the confidence in brand safety and viewabilty. Our representation of the ad sales for Rovio and EA means we can guarantee that our mobile playable ads will only ever been seen next to beloved video games.