What is Venatus Market?

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May 13, 2024

Venatus Market is the world’s first private market place for online advertising on gaming websites and apps. We provide an online, invite-only exchange in which advertisers can buy brand safe and curated advertising inventory on many of the best gaming sites in the world.

Why does this matter? Gaming is the fastest growing form of entertainment allowing advertisers to reach some of the most engaged audiences.  Venatus Market is a secure and effective place for brands to access this high quality inventory for their campaigns.

Venatus Market uses real time bidding technology to programmatically sell advertising space. In seconds, advertisers can compete for space and a user’s attention through an instantaneous auction that occurs on the web page.

Our focus on gaming enables us to honour the passion of gaming audiences and only show them advertising that will be relevant and of interest to them, without disrupting their user experience.

We work closely with publishers to tailor the brands and campaigns to their site and audience. We like to think it’s working, Venatus Market serves over 4 billion ads per month across over 400 sites.