Viewability: the key to maximizing publisher revenue

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, gaming publishers are constantly seeking ways to enhance user engagement and maximize revenue. A crucial aspect of this quest lies in understanding and improving viewability.

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May 14, 2024

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, gaming publishers are constantly seeking ways to enhance user engagement and maximize revenue. A crucial aspect of this quest lies in understanding and improving viewability — and this is no mere side quest. What exactly is viewability, and why does it matter so much?

What is viewability?

At its core, viewability is a metric that measures whether an ad had the opportunity to be seen or not. It's the difference between an ad being merely loaded on the page and it being visible to the user. High viewability rates mean more of your ads are seen, leading to higher engagement and, ultimately, better revenue generation.

Why does it matter?

Viewability is a vital KPI for gaming publishers, and that’s why Venatus strives to achieve 80% viewability for all partnered publishers. Once you’re a publisher with great viewability scores, advertisers will recognize the value of your inventory and keep coming back for more.

However, viewability isn’t achieved by cramming in as many ads as possible; it's about maintaining a balance. Too many ads can overwhelm users, while too few can mean missed revenue opportunities. Striking the right balance enhances the user experience, lowering bounce rates and maximizing ad performance for both publishers and advertisers. 

How can you boost viewability?

Improving viewability starts with understanding your audience and their behavior. Here are our recommended strategies for boosting viewability:

  • Optimizing ad placement: Place ads where they are more likely to be seen. For instance, integrating ads within game loading screens or pause menus can lead to incredible results.
  • Lazy loading: As discussed in our lazy loading article, it can significantly boost viewability. By loading ads at the right time, you maintain a fast and responsive website that users are more likely to stay on and return to. 
  • Responsive design: Ensure your ads are snappy and suitable for all devices. A smooth viewing experience on mobile, tablet, and desktop is key. There’s nothing gamers hate more than lag!
  • Engaging ad content: Consider the content of your ads and whether they genuinely match the interests of your audience. Relevant, engaging ads are more likely to capture attention.
  • Measure and optimize: By utilizing the right platforms and tools, you can analyze ad statistics like whether they were visible, and exactly how long for. 

Venatus works with all of its partnered publishers to implement and analyze each of these strategies, working on a case-by-case basis to optimize viewability for game-changing results. 

A real-world example of viewability in action

Let's look at a real-world example. Futbin is one of the world’s leading gaming publishers, boasting millions of active daily users on both its website and mobile app. Since partnering with Venatus over 10 years ago, Futbin increased their viewability to 80%+ each month — utilizing lazy loading and ad placement optimization to their fullest potential without compromising user experience. Here’s what they had to say:

“Through monetization of two of our leading web properties, Futbin and HLTV, Venatus has proven to be a key commercial partner year over year. Venatus has delivered highly effective advertising revenue streams while balancing the needs of our users. We are particularly happy with their Rich Media Takeover campaigns and Instream Video formats and look forward to continued success!”


Improving viewability is not just about placing more ads; it's a fine art that takes serious work, but reaps serious rewards. By focusing on viewability, gaming publishers can create a better experience for their audience and see a significant impact on their bottom line.

However, all of this is easier said than done. If you’re a publisher looking to improve your ad viewability and see similar results, contact Venatus today to explore how our experts can optimize your ad strategy for maximum impact.

Publisher FAQs!

Q: What role does A/B testing play in optimizing ad viewability on gaming platforms?

A: A/B testing is critical in our approach to optimizing ad viewability. By systematically testing different ad formats and placements, Venatus can identify the most effective strategies that capture player attention without disrupting the gaming experience, ensuring both high engagement and optimal viewability.

Q: How does Venatus tailor ad viewability strategies to different types of gaming content, such as casual versus core gaming?

A: Venatus recognizes the diverse nature of gaming audiences. For casual games, we focus on seamless integration of ads that require minimal interaction, while for core games, we might deploy more immersive ad formats. This tailored approach helps maximize ad effectiveness across different player bases.

To learn more, speak to our team today, or head to our Knowledge Base and discover our library of publisher resources.