Venatus Renews TAG Certification for 2024

Marking yet another year of ongoing commitment to the highest standards of brand safety in the digital advertising realm.

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March 19, 2024

In an era where digital presence is more critical than ever, the integrity of brand safety stands out as a cornerstone for advertisers and publishers alike. With an overwhelming majority of users inclined to halt their purchases if products are advertised in conjunction with disruptive or harmful content, the importance immediately becomes clear. A record $84 billion in ad spend was lost due to ad fraud in 2023, and this number is expected to more than double over the next five years. TAG certification ensures full safety and peace of mind, and is therefore becoming a major consideration when evaluating who to partner with.

Venatus's Commitment to Brand Safety

Securing TAG recertification involves strict adherence to brand safety protocols and a proactive stance against fraudulent practices. Venatus has upheld its dedication through thorough audits of publisher partners, ensuring compliance across all partners. By leveraging precision-targeted site lists for each campaign, Venatus meticulously curates ad placements to maximize exposure while minimizing the risks associated with unsavory or illicit content.

TAG CEO, Mike Zeneis, said the following:

“The TAG Brand Safety Seal demonstrates that a company has established rigorous standards to safeguard its partners from new and emerging brand threats. We are pleased to recognize Venatus for taking the necessary steps to achieve this important certification.”

Venatus COO, Matt Cannon, comments:

“Venatus works tirelessly to uphold rigorous standards and ensure safe advertising for its partners, so the entire team is extremely proud to be recognised by the TAG Brand Safety Certification for the fourth consecutive year.”