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May 13, 2024

31 August 2017

Press Announcement

UK entertainment ad sales house clamps down on ad fraud by adopting new industry standard for transparency.

Venatus ( is pleased to announce the adoption the IAB’s ads.txt framework.

An easily implemented text file standing for Authorised Digital Sellers, ads.txt is the new industry standard for transparency in programmatic trading. It indicates the validity of inventory and will enable secure transactions by making public the records of authorised sellers. 

The new measures have already been adopted by Venatus’ world-class entertainment publishers, including MovieStarPlanet, Futwiz, Mobafire and Dotabuff.

The use of ads.txt significantly limits the potential and financial incentive for counterfeit inventory. Previously buyers had been unable to identify the publisher ID of individual sites and thus not know whether they were buying genuine inventory. Following the implementation of ads.txt they are able to create lists of authorised sellers by publisher.  

Venatus built the world’s first programmatic marketplace for gamers and employs a range of methods to ensure ongoing transparency and security including the use of a human audit and curation team.

Rob Gay, CEO and Co-Founder of Venatus, said: ‘As we exclusively represent our publishers we are keen to be at the forefront of any initiatives to stamp out fake traffic. Implementing ads.txt across our portfolio offers an extra level of authenticity for our buyers.’


About Venatus Media

Venatus is Europe’s leading entertainment ad sales house. Founded in 2010, they exclusively represent the direct and programmatic ad sales for Rovio, EA and Spil Games. Venatus is committed to creating meaningful connections between publishers, advertisers and audiences through a combination of market innovation, data insight and high-quality service working across display, mobile, rich media and video. 

The company continues to push technological and creative boundaries having built the world’s first Private Marketplace (PMP) for gaming. Venatus Market serves over 2.5 billion ads per month across 400 publisher sites. 

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