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October 3, 2022


22 August 2017  

World’s first private market place for gaming turns 5 years old

Venatus ( is pleased to announce the fifth anniversary of Venatus Market, the world’s first and only private market place (PMP) dedicated to the programmatic trading of advertising for the games industry.  

Launched at Gamescom in 2012, the platform was built to automate connections between world class publishers with relevant brands. Since then it has evolved from serving 50 million to 3 billion adverts per month. Venatus Market has an average rebooking rate of 80% and has served 2500 campaigns for a walled garden of 500 premium publishing clients.  

Unlike any other PMP, Venatus Market’s inventory is comprised solely of gaming sites and apps created by premium publishers including Rovio, EA, Spil Games, PlayStation Trophies and Xbox Achievements. This provides advertisers with greater security than many PMPs, in which blind bookings are common due to the lack of transparency in the quality of inventory.  

Matt Cannon, COO and Co-founder of Venatus, said: ‘When we first launched Venatus Market we could not have known it would become the success it has, but I am thrilled at the campaigns and clients we have been able to work with. Even in the face of the constant shifts and changes in the ad tech landscape, I am confident that we will continue to grow.’

 Dan Webb, Owner of Xbox Achievements, said, ‘Venatus Market does what no other PMP can do in catering to the passion of gamers. It engages the right audiences at the right time, which enables us to spend more time on the content our readers love.'

Serge Stanarevic, Owner of Gosu Noob, said, ‘The real-time technology that Venatus built to cater specifically for gamers has transformed the way we advertise. In the last five years Venatus Market has grown to meet the ever-changing needs of publishers and is a welcome source of security in this landscape.’  


About Venatus

Venatus is Europe’s leading entertainment ad sales house. Founded in 2010, they exclusively represent the direct and programmatic ad sales for Rovio, EA and Spil Games. Venatus is committed to creating meaningful connections between publishers, advertisers and audiences through a combination of market innovation, data insight and high-quality service working across display, mobile, rich media and video.  

The company continues to push technological and creative boundaries having built the world’s first Private Marketplace (PMP) for gaming. Venatus Market serves over 2 billion ads per month across 400 publisher sites.  

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Twitter @venatusmedia or LinkedIn. 

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