Venatus, Leading Entertainment House Expands to Seoul

May 13, 2024

3rd July 2018

Venatus, Europe’s leading ad sales house have announced their expansion into the Asia Pacific region, opening a new office in Seoul, South Korea.

Having already established themselves in London and Paris, the new footprint in Seoul will strengthen the ad sales house’s partnerships with publishers and advertisers within this market.

Although Venatus have already been active in South Korea for numerous years, the expansion offers a lucrative market for Venatus, positioning the ad sales house at the forefront of global gaming.

Currently accounting for 14.9 percent of the global gaming market, South Korea is expected to shape the future of the competitive gaming industry. eSports has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world, exploding in popularity, but South Korea is five steps ahead as the leading eSports region. Founded in 2000, the Korea e-Sports Association has been instrumental to the growth in eSports across the globe, escalating its vast following.

Rob Gay, CEO of Venatus said: “The decision to expand in Seoul is another milestone for us. South Korea has one of the most significant, demanding and knowledgeable bases for core gamers.

It is home to some of the most sophisticated game developers across the globe and our new office allows us to directly serve our South Korean market effectively. We are certain our expansion into South Korea will be critical for our relationships with our publishers and will contribute to Venatus’ future global organic growth”.


About Venatus Media

Venatus is Europe’s leading entertainment ad sales house. Founded in 2010, they exclusively represent the direct and programmatic ad sales for Rovio, EA and Spil Games. Venatus is committed to creating meaningful connections between publishers, advertisers and audiences through a combination of market innovation, data insight and high-quality service working across display, mobile, rich media and video. 

The company continues to push technological and creative boundaries having built the world’s first Private Marketplace (PMP) for gaming. Venatus Market serves over 2 billion ads per month across 400 publisher sites. 

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