Venatus is ranked 22nd in the world for Global Seller Trust Index by Pixalate.

May 13, 2024

In its newly released version of the Seller Trust Index, ranking the top SSPs, marketplaces and ad networks around the world based on desktop and mobile web programmatic advertising, Pixalate have ranked Venatus 22nd in the world for Global Seller Trust Index.

Pixalate, a cross-channel platform for data intelligence and real-time protection against advertising fraud within programmatic advertising publishes the GSTI monthly, analysing more than 100 billion monthly impressions across the entire advertising stack, measuring transparency, reach, location data accuracy and malware.

Venatus’ ranking is the result of continuous focus and innovation within its network, with the ad sales house’s brand safety technology built into its programmatic marketplace. This enables Venatus to deliver advertisers high-quality inventory within a transparent and brand-safe environment.

Venatus’ ranking in the Global Seller Trust Index reiterates the ad sales house’s commitment to ad quality, ad misplacement and brand safety.