The Female Gamer

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May 13, 2024

In honour of International Women's Day, we are celebrating the female gamer - the women and girls who are breaking the mould and challenging the gamer stereotype. 

Today, women account for 46% of all game enthusiasts (Newzoo), yet this audience is often excluded from the gaming narrative. In this blog, we share insight into the female gamer and demonstrate why this audience is a marketer's best friend.

Gaming at all ages 

The majority of female game enthusiasts are aged 21-35 (34%), a stark contrast to the teenage gamer we see portrayed in the media. They, of course, are still a core part of the gaming audience, but the gaming world is changing rapidly. When we shift the view to female game enthusiasts on mobile, Newzoo data shows an increase in women aged 65+ demonstrating the inclusivity of gaming and its ability to resonate with audiences at every age. 

Why we game

Our motivations for gaming can differ depending on the day, the time, the devices we have available and the situation. Newzoo reported that 41% of female game enthusiasts play games purely to fill the time. Still, with mobile gaming being one of the most convenient forms of gaming, we wanted to look at the data exclusively for console and PC gamers. 

An impressive 70% of female gamers play on console and 57% on PC; when we hone in on these devices, we see new gaming behaviours emerge:

  • 25% of female PC and console gamers enjoying watching other players game
  • 17% of female PC and console gamers are hardware enthusiasts 
  • 12% of female PC and console gamers are considered 'the ultimate gamer.'
Mobile is queen

It may not be a surprise that 91% of female gamers are mobile gamers, but this stat feels less gender-focussed when we see that 83% of male gamers are mobile gamers too! For now, females reign over mobile gaming, but with 3.8 billion smartphones worldwide, we expect it won't be long until its neutral ground.

Big spenders

The cost of mobile data, new hardware and games can add up quickly, particularly as women are 79% more likely to spend money on mobile games. These spending habits can benefit the entire household, with 43% of female gamers living with a partner and kids and 75% of women identifying as the primary shopper. By reaching female gamers, brands are opening doors to a broader audience of partners, children and family. And with mobile data, new hardware and games to fund, this audience works to support their hobby, with 61% of female game enthusiasts reporting full-time or part-time employment.

Mums the word

Research from Activision Blizzard looked closely at mothers who game, reporting that over two-thirds of mothers engage with video games. This influential group may be the primary shopper for their household, but their influence on spending doesn't stop at home. An impressive 48% of gamer moms offer advice to friends on purchases, and 36% report that they enjoy researching new products and entertainment. When surveyed on their receptiveness to advertising, 26% of gamer moms said they appreciate advertising that exposes them to something new and 21% like seeing ads from their favourite brands. It's no surprise that mums are a highly sought after audience, but gamer moms take this to a whole new level. 

The non-gamer gamers

Unlike other demographic groups, gamer moms are less likely to describe themselves as gamers - with only 48% acknowledging their gamer status. But actions speak louder than words - the women and girls that visit gaming websites, tune into a live-stream, download a new gaming app or get hold of the latest console are gamers. 

As the gaming industry continues to grow and diversify, we will see more women entering the gaming space, breaking barriers as they go to create a more diverse and inclusive space for future generations of gamers. This International Women's Day, we invite the non-gamer gamers to come forward and wear their gamer badge with pride! #femalegamers