People who play together, stay together

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May 13, 2024

One may suggest February is the month of love and believe it or not, there is no better way to bond this St. Valentine’s Day than playing your favourite video game with your significant other.

As a specialised gaming ad sales house within the entertainment market, communal gaming and entertainment is at the (love-filled) heart of Venatus.

Multiplayer-gaming is continuing to gain popularity with the likes of eSports expected to reach an audience of 589 million by 2020, and recent research has shown that up to 60% consider gaming a key component of their personal lives.

Deeming video games as a form of interaction, 54% of frequent gamers believe video games help them connect with others.

Amazingly, on average, a gamer made three new relationships through gaming alone.

We have no doubt that we can learn a lot about our partners and friendships through gaming; it’s a way of connecting with people, be it physically next to you or somewhere else in the world. Gaming is no longer just a form of escapist fun, it’s a portal to other worlds, experiences and people be it virtual or real life. So, the rumours aren’t true - gaming is not isolate nor unsocial but communitive, open and social. Sometimes, even romantic.

Whether you’re looking for a core-gaming experience or a more lowkey activity, there are thousands of games available for all to relish collectively.

So, why not ditch the romantic candlelit cliché dinner and try a gaming night in. Or if the idea of Valentines isn’t for you, gather around a games console with some friends. After all, there’s nothing better than some friendly competition and sweet victory.