Outgrowing AdSense? A Guide to Supercharging your Site Monetisation

May 13, 2024

Moving on from AdSense

Google AdSense can be a great way for fledgling publishers to quickly and easily monetise their web inventory, providing vital revenue to help sustain and grow a site as it finds its audience base. However as audiences grow larger and more valuable, embracing site optimization, increasing exposure to a wide range of programmatic marketplaces and taking advantage of direct campaign deals, can massively increase profitability to fuel future growth online. 

Increase Advertiser Demand

AdSense offers publishers revenue from campaigns booked by advertisers via their Google Ads platform, but by accepting advertiser demand from programmatic marketplaces other than just Google’s own, publishers stand to increase their profitability significantly. By increasing the number of bidders for a specific ad unit on a given webpage using header bidding technologies, publishers can benefit from much higher CPMs paid per ad served, thereby increasing profitability. By relinquishing sole control of site monetisation from AdSense, publisher’s can also gain greater control over what ads they want to run on their site, for example sites targeted at kids can explicitly block gambling or alcohol ads from running there. 

In addition, publishers can introduce new ad-formats to their existing inventory, increasing opportunities to capture advertiser demand when users are actively browsing content. Alongside traditional display banners, outstream video sliders can easily add a secondary revenue stream for web pages, opening up demand from direct/programmatic video campaigns. In addition, adapting web pages to support high impact formats such as rich media takeovers, can also massively increase profitability. These formats demand a much higher CPM than traditional banners or video, as a result of being custom built, interactive ad-units.

Consider Booking Direct Campaigns

Gaining access to ‘direct-deal’ campaigns, that is to say campaigns booked directly with sites instead of using programmatic ad-exchanges, can also increase profitability for publishers. By cutting out the fees of middlemen in the open programmatic marketplace, direct-deal campaigns are more profitable for publishers to run and can boost revenue by tapping into non-programmatic demand. Direct-deal campaigns offer additional revenue to publishers in times of high demand (such as over Christmas holidays), whilst programmatic demand sustains a constant flow of ad-revenue. 

Venatus offers a global sales team, covering America, Asia, Europe and beyond, so publishers can accept direct-deal campaigns from around the world, even outside of their domestic territories. In addition, our unique publisher-to-client relationship facilitates the sale of sponsored content opportunities, such as  editorials or featured content, directly to major advertisers - introducing yet another potential revenue stream for publishers. 

Optimize your Site

Key optimizations to site aesthetics, performance and visibility can help boost revenue via increased traffic to web pages. Optimizing a site’s ‘core web vitals’, such as responsiveness, load times and overall stability, can massively increase SEO performance and thereby increase organic traffic. By prioritising viewability, reducing ad-latency and load-times across our ad-serving, Venatus’ partners benefit from greater CPMs, as programmatic marketplaces assign greater value to higher quality inventory.

As part of our complete monetisation solution, Venatus offers a free SEO audit for all new publishers, as well as a dedicated Publisher Operations team on-hand, who continually monitor site and ad serving performance to ensure profitability is maximised. 

If you believe you’re ready to take your site, app or platform to the next level with engaging ad-units, effective optimizations and both direct/programmatic advertiser demand, contact us via email or sign-up at the link below and one of our team will be in touch:

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