New French office, new website, same great old Venatus

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May 13, 2024

We've been stacked at Venatus over the last few weeks. The sales team has won some great new business deals - we can't wait to tell you about them when we've finalised the details over the coming weeks for our ever expanding portfolio of mobile, casual and core gaming sites. And our sleek new website is finally up and running, where we'll have rolling content on blogs, news, wins and press releases.


Venatus France move

And our French team has moved to a new office. We had an amazing office boat on the river Seine in Paris with a stunning view. But after three years in perpetual motion at sea, we decided to come back and join the land lubbers so we didn't start every day sick as a parrot. Yes - we went there. Don't judge. C'est la vie.

Venatus France team

Two of our lovely French team above in the new office planted solidly on terra firma, effortlessly posing for the camera and looking annoyingly stylish without even trying.

Venatus France furniture

While there's no view of the river Seine, there is a deal breaking balcony that will host many impromptu BBQs over the summer.

Venatus France meeting room

And finally, here's a snap of the meeting room where we'll be thrashing out deals and drinking too much coffee. Au revoir mes amis.