Increasing Brand Awareness with Gamified Ads

October 3, 2022

How can advertisers increase brand awareness in the digital ad space?

Marketers create advertisements in the hope to convey key messages to introduce their brand and interest consumers in a product or service, measuring the effectiveness of a campaign through engagement levels and direct response.

In the digital ad space, marketers constantly compete against hundreds of other brands to get the highest level of retention. With so much competition, it’s crucial that an ad is able to captivate the consumer, identifying the brand, service or product within the ad.

Whilst a digital ad may engage with a consumer, marketers need to capture consumers at the right time and with the right creative ad format which can build brand recall and gamified ads could be a marketer’s answer to this.


How will gamified ads encourage brand building?

Gamified ads are becoming an increasingly popular way to develop a lasting impression on consumers. Offering an innovative solution, gamified ads or ‘mini games’ can showcase elements of a brand through accessible gameplay.

Gamified formats give consumers the opportunity to interact with a brand in an engaging environment. With playful fun being at its core, gameplay creates a connection between the brand and the consumer, developing long-lasting impressions and positive associations, giving branded gamified ads a leg up on competition.

At Venatus, we have worked with numerous publishers and advertisers, putting brand recall to the test with gamified ads. Working with various agencies within telecom, film and FMCG industries, we aimed to increase brand awareness and social engagement for a product or service.

Our gamified ads have seen a startling increase in engagement, outperforming alternative creatives. Our agencies have experienced a 20% engagement rate and above 30 second dwell time.

Gamified ads have effectively evolved advertising for brands. Combining their message within a playable, interactive experience ensures consumers are engaged with the brand, product or service throughout the entire ad journey.