Global Gamers

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February 12, 2024

In these lonely and divisive times there is comfort in the strong community spirit that unites many gamers. Yes, there are rumours that gamers are all teenage boys playing first person shooters in single player mode, lost in the depths of attic rooms that sunlight has long since given up trying to reach. Yes, there are trolls and more needs to be done to shut down the negativity. In the face of all the problems are millions of people of all ages and orientations around the world with a huge passion for all things gaming.

Territories as far and wide as America and Australia share a strong social sense with the UK, with 50% of gamers across all three territories engaging with guides, websites and videos about gaming to share and gain knowledge. The similarities listed below are not just good news for media planners looking for market unity, they indicate the extraordinary potential that gaming has to connect people with the things that matter most to them.

International gamers.jpg


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