Employee Spotlight: Meet Leroy!

Meet Leroy Holland - Senior Programmatic Director (NA)! 👋 As one of our newest members, Leroy is also the first in our brand-new series of employee spotlights, all about life on the Venatus team. Please welcome him to the stage!

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May 13, 2024

Q1. Introduce yourself!

A: My name is Leroy, I was born in Jupiter, Florida and I currently live in Brooklyn, NY. I’m the youngest of six kids and was always considered the nerdy one of my family. In my spare time I enjoy riding my Triumph Scrambler 900 Cafe Racer around NYC and the surrounding areas (British motorcycles are the best). I love snowboarding, sports, fitness, travelling, family time, reading about new emerging tech, mentorship, and cooking/grilling to name a few. Being outdoors and in the sun is always a good thing in my world.

I started working for my family business doing landscaping sales when I was 14 and I’ve been selling and building relationships ever since. I love what I do because I love people. I got my start in digital media in 2006 with AOL as an Account Executive and that passion for selling advertising solutions and technology is still going strong. I have worked in adtech specifically for the past 13 years across brand safety, programmatic, data, and publishing. 

Q2. What attracted you to joining Venatus?

A: I have a passion for Programmatic Sales and the role here at Venatus was exactly what I wanted to be doing — it aligned with my career goals and it’s also a global company which is important in today’s economies of scale. It will allow me to integrate and leverage my Agency, Brand Direct, SSP, and DSP relationships and continue learning new things. I had heard about Venatus from being in the gaming advertising space and some of my trusted advisors spoke highly of the culture, leadership, and industry reputation, so it made sense for me. I love helping my clients solve for the gaps they may have across their marketing and technology initiatives. Venatus is very well known in the UK and my goal is to replicate and accelerate that visibility here in North America.

Q3. As a recent addition to the team, what are your initial impressions of Venatus’ culture and work environment?

A: The onboarding process here was one of the better experiences that I have had in my professional career. Venatus has great employee benefits and for a company our size, that was surprising. The culture is very family oriented and everyone is willing to pitch in and help. Incredibly friendly and collaborative, I love it so far. Great office culture and I like that leadership sits amongst the teams and are very visible and approachable. The people here have a global vibe and mindset and diversity seems to be at the forefront and that means a lot to me. Media is becoming more diverse and as a company, we understand that our culture must as well.

Q4. What would your advice be to someone considering Venatus as their next workplace?

A: If you are looking for a company that’s at the forefront of innovation in the digital advertising and gaming ecosystem, that cares about its employees and customers, you should really consider Venatus. I’m glad to be a part of this fantastic company and team.