Employee Spotlight: Jobelle Catabay!

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March 12, 2024

Q1. Introduce yourself!

My name's Jobelle, and I'm the AdOps Team Lead for Venatus, based in the Philippines! When I was in my early 20s, I really liked trekking, jogging, and all outdoor activities... but now that I am 30 years old, I enjoy staycations, relaxing, massages, all indoor stuff! Although, one day, I want to try playing golf and lawn tennis. I also love to travel, I see to it that I go out of the country every year during my birthday to see different cultures, new languages, sceneries, and food as a gift to myself. ❤️🙂

I’ve been working in the AdTech industry since 2016 - I worked as an AdOps Specialist for 2 years and then got promoted to a Technical Campaign Manager which involves training newcomers, creating process documentation, and collaborating with the Team Leads in Mumbai and the US to manage our daily deliverables for 4 years. After that, I moved to a different department which involved Publisher Certification, onboarding new publishers, testing their sites for possible bot activity, and checking if they could run our tags.

I’ve been with Venatus for almost a year now and I can say that it has greatly taught me new ways of dealing with trafficking ads using different platforms and how our daily optimizations create impacts on campaigns we run. I still have a lot of things to learn and that’s why documenting everything was the first thing I did when I got here, greatly helping me and my team.

Q2. What attracted you to joining Venatus?

As the first European company I've worked with, the work culture and the people at Venatus are noticeably friendlier. They don’t only focus on the business — which is really great. It boosts the morale of the employees, which ultimately makes us more productive and efficient. Venatus is also the first gaming-focused ad tech company that I've worked with, which has been really interesting. During my 7 years of experience, I had only experienced working on ads for TV, Desktop, and Mobile.

Q3. What are your impressions of Venatus’ culture and work environment?

Venatus really focuses on the wellness of the people, with lots of socials and extra activities like you can see on the company Instagram! Football, basketball, parties with costumes, and plenty more. I also appreciate people visiting the PH office from overseas as it creates a great and in-depth relationship between our global teams. ☺ People don’t micromanage, they trust people and are very open to feedback. They are also very approachable in terms of training.

Another thing I like is that Venatus empowers individuals to take ownership of their work by allowing them to complete tasks independently first. After which, both successful outcomes and areas for improvement will be discussed. Because of this, Venatus promotes a culture of continuous learning and development, accountability, and collaborative learning.

Q4. What would your advice be to someone considering Venatus as their next workplace?

Overall, Venatus' work environment is attractive to me because it promotes results-driven autonomy, self-reflection, continuous improvement, feedback, support, personal growth, and flexibility. These aspects contribute to a positive and fulfilling experience for employees, so if this sounds good, then I'm sure Venatus will be an appealing place to work.

The supportive environment created by Venatus' collaborative approach contributes to a great work-life balance. When employees feel supported by their colleagues and managers, they are more inclined to set boundaries and prioritize self-care, leading to improved overall well-being.

BONUS: If you could have dinner with any three people, alive or dead, who would they be?

  1. Mother Teresa
  2. Francis of Assisi
  3. William Colgate