Employee Spotlight: Izabela Kawecka!

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March 13, 2024

Q1. Introduce yourself!

I moved to London from Poland after falling in love with its energy, multiculturalism, and cultural scene. I just couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. After my masters in English my first proper job was as news editor and journalist at a portal for the Polish community in the UK. My passion for London landed me a job at the review and city discovery website Qype (the European equivalent of Yelp) where I was looking after the Polish market, working with venues and local influencers to showcase all the cool stuff happening in major cities. The job helped me discover more of London’s hidden gems and its diverse food scene which turned me into a massive foodie. I’m always ready to taste the weirdest stuff, be it blue cheese martini or fermented mushroom ice-cream. ;)

As a side project, I started freelancing for a viral video agency on ad campaigns they were running in Eastern Europe. The stint turned into a full-time and long-term job that involved booking video and sponsored post campaigns with international publishers, which led me to where I am today. Outside of work I still spend most of my free time exploring the city. I’m tirelessly chasing events and things to try and test. A big part of it is discovering new street art which I’ve been photographing for over a decade.

Over the years, I’ve shared my love for London by working as a tour guide and a contributor to the Time Out magazine. And, as my foodie experimentation grew, I also started creating recipes, some of which I am honoured to say were published. My proudest moment was to have my beetroot and rhubarb soup recipe printed in the Greenpeace sustainable cookbook.

Q2. What attracted you to joining Venatus?

After parting with my previous employer, I was considering a 6-month break to figure out what to do next, contemplating swapping AdTech for another sector. But Venatus kept coming up one way or another and so despite not being a gamer and with little experience with gaming publishers, I decided to come for chat (we didn’t have HR department back then!). And although I was not looking for a job, I got such a positive vibe from everyone I met that I didn’t hesitate to accept the job. Two weeks later the first lockdown started and we were all working from home. It was a bit challenging for someone who only just started, but the great support from everyone and all the effort from the founders to keep us happy and connected was invaluable. The company has grown significantly since, but I still feel the core spirit is there. I’ve never worked for a company with teams that work so well together and look after one another.

Q3. As a Venatus Veteran, what are your impressions of Venatus’ culture and work environment?

I’ve always loved the fact our founders are so approachable and receptive. I feel like I could go and ask them for help like any other colleague. And it hasn’t changed since we’ve expanded. Rob and Matt are both very supportive of our initiatives and suggestions, be it Women of Venatus or private health care.

I value that our wellbeing and work-life balance is so important for them, which is reflected in Venatus policies like flexi-hours or hybrid working. And it directly translates into employees’ happiness and a healthy working environment.

Q4. What would your advice be to someone considering Venatus as their next workplace?

If you’d like to work in a company that values individuality and diversity, and provides a fun and relaxed working environment with plenty of opportunities to get involved in a variety of events and activities throughout the year, then Venatus is for you!

BONUS: If you could have dinner with any 3 people, alive or dead, who would they be?

1. Frida Kahlo

2. Greta Thunberg

3. Michelle Obama