Employee Spotlight: Chelle Mirabete!

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March 19, 2024

Q1. Introduce yourself!

I'm Chelle! I started working in the AdTech industry last 2019 as a support specialist. Mainly handles small publishers who are just starting their business in the AdTech market. Got promoted to an Ad Optimization Specialist after a year and was given the opportunity to handle enterprise publishers. Then last year, 2023, I joined Venatus as a Publisher Operations executive. I was actually a graduate of Computer Science and at first I wasn't sure could cope with the work demand so I tried to change my career path, but how ironic, I still ended up with a job in that field. 😀 I have learned a lot and met amazing people from the day I started 8 months ago. And I am looking forward to other opportunities that Venatus has for me.

In my spare time I love reading. I love stories that take me to a different world. I have read Harry Potter 3 times and watched the movie around 5 times. I also bake during my free time and it's a goal of mine to have my own pastry business!

Q2. What attracted you to joining Venatus?

I heard a lot of great things about Venatus before joining, and got really excited by the additional knowledge and skills on offer. Most of all, I heard how fantastic the people are — so I told myself "I wanna be a part of this!" It's been an amazing 8 months at Venatus so far. From management to my direct teammates, it's the people around me that make me want to stay for many years to come.

Q3. What are your impressions of Venatus' culture and work environment?

The culture is great because everyone is respectful to each other. We truly appreciate everyone's efforts and contributions to the team. Management inspires and motivates you to always keep becoming a better version of yourself. Venatus' values of being 'All-in' and 'Open to all' are the ones that really stand out to me on a daily basis.

Chelle and some of the Venatus PH team!

Q4. What would your advice be to someone considering Venatus as their next workplace?

If you want to be part of a team where everyone is more than willing to guide you in succeeding and learning more, then look no further. Imagine that you will be a part of a growing company that believes in your capabilities and wants to see you grow with it. Everyone respects your personal time, and if something urgent comes up there will be someone to help you take care of it. We do so many great events, gatherings, and socials throughout the year — and there are groups you can join depending on your interests.

BONUS: If you could have dinner with any 3 people, alive or dead, who would they be?

  1. Taylor Swift, I want to meet her and see how she lives her life behind the fame.
  2. JK Rowling, I want to ask her if she’s planning to continue the story of Harry Potter (this is my younger self talking 😄).
  3. The Beatles, I want to hear them singing in person. 😀