Common Misconceptions: Gamers Are Not All Teenage Boys

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May 13, 2024


A stereotypical gamer? (C) Venatus 2017

Gaming is a core segment of our business; not only did Venatus start life as a specialized gaming ad sales house before we expanded into the entertainment market, but this is a growth sector with the potential to reach millions of consumers across the lifestyle market.

However, in spite of this our team still regularly come up against the stereotypical misconceptions that have plagued the industry since the early days. Many of these tend to be negative stereotypes, and so because we love and value the diversity of our audience, we have decided that it is time to bust a few myths, starting now:

Gamers are not all spotty teenage boys sitting in their bedrooms playing on consoles and becoming increasingly pale.

The single biggest demographic in the games sphere is women aged 25-44.

There are also more gamers in mid to late life than there are gamers under the age of 18.

Overall the number of female gamers out numbers the men 52% to 48%.  

We’re not saying that there aren’t women who also fit the traditional idea of a core gamer too. Just don’t discount the 25 million+ casual gamers playing Scrabble on mobile each month during their free time, or the 18 million monthly users of all ages and genders staying up to date with the latest movie news on Variety.