Can Ready Player One help evolve the gaming industry?

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May 13, 2024

Ready Player One hits cinemas this week and Steven Spielberg’s take on the renowned novel exposes virtual reality and gaming to audiences across the globe.

Set in 2045, Ready Player One follows character Wade Watts escaping reality within a VR gaming app in order to win control of the virtual world, The Oasis.

Gaming in both VR and AR continues to become familiar to us all. Through the likes of eSports and now VR cinematic entertainment, it is clear that the entertainment industry could impact the evolving gaming market.

Encouraging cinematic fantasy, Ready Player One unveils the budding dominance of virtual gaming and may even signify future growth in both VR and video gaming.

Whilst eSports may have paved the way for gaming, the film industry grasping VR could result in targeting a wider demographic which may have previously not been in touch with VR or gaming.

Steven Spielberg’s adaption of Ready Player One could serve as a catalyst for the VR gaming market, with both VR and AR technologies expecting record growth in 2018, increasing by 25% from the previous year.

What was once a speculated forecast within the gaming industry, recognition of VR gaming in the entertainment market is quickly becoming a reality.