5 Tips for Getting Your Ads.txt Syntax Right

Written by
February 15, 2024

As a gaming publisher, you're constantly on the lookout for ways to monetize your content effectively. One crucial aspect of this endeavor is ensuring that your ads are seen by the right audience. That's where viewability comes into play. But before we dive into that, let's talk about the foundation of ad transparency: ads.txt syntax.

Ads.txt syntax is a simple text file that is placed on your website, indicating which companies are authorized to sell your ad inventory. It serves as a way for you to protect your brand and revenue by preventing unauthorized sellers. Here are five essential tips to ensure you get your ads.txt syntax right:

1. Accurate Domain Declaration

Double-check that your domain name is correctly entered in the ads.txt file. This seemingly small detail plays a significant role in preventing fraudulent activity and ensuring that the right entities are authorized to sell your ad space.

2. Partner Identification

List all authorized partners and their specific identification codes. This includes ad exchanges, networks, and platforms that you collaborate with. Accurate partner identification helps advertisers confidently invest in your inventory, knowing that they are reaching their intended audience.

3. Consistent Formatting

Maintaining a consistent and uniform format in your ads.txt file is crucial. Avoid any variations in punctuation, spacing, or capitalization. Consistent formatting eliminates any confusion and ensures seamless communication between your website and the ad tech ecosystem.

4. Regular Updates

Regularly review and update your ads.txt file to keep it up to date with your authorized partners. New collaborations may arise, and existing partnerships may change, so it's imperative to stay vigilant and make the necessary updates accordingly.

5. Proper Placement

Ensure that your ads.txt file is placed in the root directory of your website. This placement allows ad buyers and ad tech platforms to easily locate and access the file, thereby maximizing transparency and preventing unauthorized sales.

Getting your ads.txt syntax right is a fundamental step in establishing trust with advertisers and safeguarding your revenue. By following these five tips, you can maintain a transparent and secure ad ecosystem on your website.

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