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We help the best gaming and entertainment Publishers in the world implement and optimize advertising on their sites to improve revenues and grow their businesses.

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Our platform puts demand sources in direct competition, monetizing each page load with the optimum formats to maximise publisher RPMs.

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We offer a wide array of ad formats through a range of media buying options. With programmatic and direct ad sales teams in house, we have tangible relationships with all major advertising agencies, trade desks and directly with brands, which means better quality campaigns and higher revenues.

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Unlock additional revenue with
direct sales

Our team are renowned in the market for award-winning creative campaigns and have unrivalled relationships with huge brands and agencies across the world. With 20 sales professionals across London, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney & Seoul your platform will be represented globally.

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Work with
publisher experts

As a Google Certified Publishing Partner, Venatus is recognised as an expert in Google products. Our certification means we're part of a select group of companies, assessed rigorously by Google and trusted to always provide the best solutions for publishers.

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Ad formats for publishers

Rich media

High impact advertising formats with advanced media (video, audio, interactivity) that encourage the highest engagement rates. Venatus tech runs in conjunction with your standard video and display ads setup to deliver rich media ads in an optimised way to maximize Publisher RPMs.

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Traditional banner advertising, providing wide reach for digital campaigns. Our Publisher teams work with you to optimize your page layouts and your content to maximize ad viewability and boost revenues.

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We offer a range of video ad solutions, from in-stream and out-stream videos to reward video formats in app for example. The Venatus team will work with you to display video ads in the most effective way for your website or app.

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Ad recovery

Our ad recovery solution allows Publishers to regain blocked advertising in cases where users have ad blockers installed, ensuring you generate the most revenue possible from the ads running on your site.

Ad recovery solutions from Venatus

Show ads from
world-leading advertisers

Run quality campaigns from the best brands in the world. Your audience will only see highly relevant campaigns to improve engagement and experience. Click the tabs below to see examples of some of our advertising partners.

Core gaming brands

Venatus have direct relationships with brands like EA, Activision Blizzard, Playstation, Xbox & Twitch, booking direct campaigns for your site.

Kids brands

Venatus have an award-winning track record, engaging kids with campaigns from Lego, Disney, Mattel, Playmobil & Pokemon and more.

Non-endemic brands

Strategically targeting gamer segments for brands like Coca-Cola, Volkswagen, Reebok, P&G & Sky.

Global agencies

Venatus have strong relationships with all major, global agencies and are widely recognised as a go-to source for gaming and entertainment audiences.

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To qualify as a Venatus Publisher, applicants must not be black-listed by Google or any other ad services and should have quality content that generates at least 500k pageviews each month.

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